The scientists have proven that chronic fatigue is a disease that requires immediate treatment. People can suffer from this disease without even knowing of its existence for a long time (months, years).

Besides, the chronic fatigue is a hereditary disease, which is more exposed to the fair sex. Diagnosing the disease is difficult. It can occur at any age. It can be identified from the specific symptoms that are expressed clearly enough.

The worsening state of health

Even the most basic stress, mental or physical activity cause actual disease symptoms: a headache, inflammation of lymph nodes, joint pain. And recovery takes at least 24 hours.

Inability to concentrate

People with chronic fatigue may be unable to focus on their activities. Even the most insignificant things require essential energy costs. Short-term memory is getting worse. Processing of a small amount of information takes a lot of time.


Problems with the gastrointestinal tract may indicate chronic fatigue of person. There are pains in the stomach, an allergy to foods. Often there is a malfunction of the digestive system.

Fatigue even after sleep

Even prolonged sleep does not help to restore power. The nervous system is very exhausted, and even 12 hours spent in bed is not enough to resume its full operation. Moreover, insomnia may occur. Sleep quality is very low.

Frequent dizziness

People suffering from chronic fatigue may experience dizziness literally in every situation. It is caused by disorders of the cardiovascular system. Also, there are significant blood pressure drops and fainting.

The doctors are still debating exactly how to treat chronic fatigue. But the fact is that this disease can not be ignored. Neglected diseases can cause more serious consequences.