Since this year, Christmas holiday Ukraine will celebrate on 25th of December

The so-called “Catholic Christmas” is celebrated on the night of 24 to 25 December in more than 100 countries. In Ukraine, the Orthodox Church celebrated on January 7, according to the Julian calendar. Now the Rada decided to make 25th of December a holiday in honor of the Holiday.
Instead, May 2 will be a working day. Initially, this was not foreseen, but subsequently the proposal to cancel the day off on that day was supported.
From now on, Christmas in Ukraine will be celebrated twice – on December 25 and January 7.

Why is Christmas such an important holiday?

The story of the birth of a baby Christ is familiar to almost everyone, and even children perceive it as a beautiful fairy tale. And yet, the authenticity of the amazing events of that night is confirmed by many sources, both ecclesiastical and secular. Archeology has repeatedly confirmed the facts described in the Bible – names, events, geographic and historical data. About Jesus, the Bible says the most. This person is depicted in it in the most detail.

The Bible narrates about God’s Son, who came from heaven to the sinful Earth, so that by his death he might save many from eternal perdition. The very essence of Christmas – that God became a small man, raises a lot of questions: how, why, what it cost Him? The answer to these questions is God’s great plan for each person. After all, thanks to Jesus, everyone can come to Him personally. The only condition for these unusual relationships is faith. The birth, death and resurrection of Christ give the world hope for salvation. Therefore, such a holiday as Christmas brings so much joy and peace to the hearts of believers. It recalls the “great joy that will be for all people”!

Therefore, in fact, it does not matter – to celebrate Christmas on 25th of December, January 7, or on any other day. The main thing is that the Holiday should be in the heart!