Recent scientific experiments have proved that cancer cells do not destroy themselves.

As is known, each cancer tumor has its own DNA, in which there is a so-called fifth column. It is this fifth column that makes it difficult for self-destructing harmful cells. It suppresses the possibility that cancer cells themselves are destroyed. Scientists from the UK for a long time are carrying out projects to study the nature of cancerous tumors. Cancer is one of the most dangerous and common diseases on the planet. Scientists from many countries are trying to create the most effective way in the fight against a deadly disease. This project is an experiment of the British scientist Christopher Yau. It is called “one hundred thousand genomes.” According to him, this discovery will help to open new methods of fighting cancer. It is this peculiarity of the DNA of cancerous tumors that can become the key to a healthy life.

People who have been studying cancer for many years have proved that they arise because of the breakdown of the p53 gene.

Due to this gene in the body is a protein synthesis. The main task of which is to preserve the integrity of the genetic information. Also, during any problems in the gene, protein synthesis allows to destroy this problem. But because there is no possibility of self-destruction in the damaged cells of the genome, they can’t be cured or disposed of. Also, recent studies have shown that some cancer cells do not contain the mutations of the p53 gene. But at the same time they have many other problems in DNA. With cancer cells of this type, it is much more difficult to fight, because radiation and chemotherapy, during which destruction of DNA is not able to make these cells self-destruct.

According to scientists, direct verification of the work of the genetic code system in cancer cells allows them to continue to live, and not to be destroyed. In this regard, British professors have proposed to create medicines that block the verification of the genetic code of cells. Such drugs can allow the gene p53 to run a program of self-destruction of cancer cells. It is this technique that can help many people overcome the deadly disease and cancer cells will not be a verdict.