Bitcoin is becoming more expensive

On November 28, the rate of the world’s most popular crypto currency beat an unprecedented record of $ 10,000. And yesterday it cost 11.4 thousand. On the night of November 30, bitcoin fell in price by 20%, but by the morning it recovered again. It was connected with the malfunctioning of some exchanges and trading platforms. Last Friday Bitcoin Diamond was a hardcore.

Universal interest is chained to the fact that it is growing rapidly in value. This week he broke several records – first the rate rose to $ 9000, later – exceeded the five-figure number.

Its capitalization is about $ 185 billion.

The identity of the creator of this crypto currency has not yet been disclosed. The author is hiding under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is assumed that this is not one person, but rather a group. Although many people have already come under suspicion, attempts to uncover the secret have not been crowned with success. Recently, another candidate for this role was Ilon Mask. In a recent publication, Sahil Gupta, a former employee of Space X, suggested that the creator of Tesla Roadster is Satoshi Nakamoto. He explained the conjecture that Ilon Mask is fluent in C ++, on which the crypto currency is written. He has a desire to solve world-class problems, and bitcoin was created in the crisis year of 2008. In addition, he responded rather vaguely to Twitter somehow about his attitude to this. But so far, many facts contradict this.

Many banks refuse to recognize bitcoin currency.

In China, the government banned the ICO. Analysts believe that this decision was made with a view to considering the situation. In the future, perhaps, these precautions will be mitigated. However, now the Chinese circumvent this decision, using various programs.

However, in Korea, one of the largest banks said it was going to launch an account servicing service in that currency. Despite the fact that the situation has not been fully clarified, the demand for bitcoin in Korea is simply enormous.

Some experts fear a “soap bubble”. They say that the chart shows that the peak has already passed, and now the price will remain unchanged. Others at the same time predict the stable growth of the currency even up to $ 20,000 during the year.