At the 2018 Olympics, Russian athletes will not be able to use national symbols in their outfits.

IOC in a document sent by the Russian Federation forbade Russian Olympians to represent the emblem and emblem of the Russian Olympic Committee, they should be replaced by Olympic rings. RUS (Russia) needs to be replaced with Olympic Athlete from Russia or OAR. The sign of Team Russia is also prohibited. The document recommends the use of a specific font that will be used on the equipment. You can use a maximum of two colors from the flag, but so that the individual parts do not add up to the national symbol.

This applies to both trainers and representatives. Everything must be coordinated with the International Olympic Committee.

Earlier this month, the IOC deprived the Russian team of the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Olympics, which will be opened in February in Pyeongchang. The ban arose because of the fact that Russian participants used doping. But separate participation of athletes from Russia is being considered. Only a final decision is made by a special commission. During the awarding ceremony, the Olympic anthem will be played, instead of the national one.

The Kremlin is not against the performance of its athletes under a neutral flag. The President of the Russian Federation stated that it would not prevent athletes who want to take part in the Olympics. In the ROC they promised to help solve all technical, financial, organizational and other problems.

Anastasia Zadorina chief designer (and founder) Zasport said that about the clothes they will look for all possible ways out of this situation. Despite the fact that the ban is not complete, Russia sees it as a declaration of war. After all, athletes will have to choose between the country and the individual.

Once every four years, the Olympic Games are held – the largest, to date, competition in sports. The most prestigious and winning in them. The city in which the next competition will be held is selected in seven years.