beauty contest

For a long time, the beauty of women attracted the attention of males. They say it has a magical effect on men. But is it really true that only woman’s beauty can dazzles everyone around? That may be true for some, but not all.
ThecNigerian tribe is different from all accepted norms.

Every year the Nigerian tribes organizes an inimitable beauty contest. Its unique in that women don`t participate in the contest, but their participants are husbands and brothers – males of the tribe. During a week, men of vodabye compete in beauty and elegance. Men put on unusual make-up with brightly colored paints. Each color has special meaning: red means courage and courage, white-death. They use even black color which highlights plump lips and eyes.

Wonder what this color is obtained from the ashes of bones. Participants of the competition wear white woolen clothes – a toga, enveloping them from head to foot. Turban, hanging with jewelry is put on the heads. Men become so attractive that they could hardly be distinguished from girls. The beauty contest consists of several parts. The males participate in such skills as hunting, singing, dancing and even camel riding on the territory on the savannah. Suddenly, however during the competition, fall into a trance, rolling their eyes. The reason for this is a drunk beverage from the bark which contains alcohol. At this time, “the judges” evaluate the smile, height, physique and endurance. Unmarried girls can even find a husband for themselves at the contest. Slapping a man on the shoulder, she shows her interest in him.

Women of this tribe are considered the most charming from all over West Africa, it is not surprising that the winner gets the most desirable prize – the best girls of the tribe will spend a month in the company of the best man of the tribe.