Mobi-One – development of AirSpaceX

Constant traffic jams in megacities are a major problem. But to replace the traditional auto-taxi, comes a radically new mode of transport. In Detroit, the company introduced a smaller copy of Mobi-One, an air taxi, which also makes flights without a pilot.

This device is completely ecological and silent. Mobi-One – an alternative mode of transport, concise and reasonably accessible. It is designed to carry passengers or cargo. Up to four people and cargo – up to 200 kg. And the reserve of one battery charge has 100 km of travel.

On the wings of the device there are four electric motors, and at the same time it is much quieter than a helicopter. Such a number of engines ensures safety of flights. The failure of one of them will not lead to fatal consequences. The maximum speed that the Mobi-One can develop is 400 km / h. But the standard is 240 km / h. In addition, the device was improved by the collision avoidance system, broadband Internet connection, etc.

Because of traffic jams, 17 billion kg of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere every year, and drivers spend 42 hours idling in them. It costs the US $ 300 billion. An unmanned air taxi can offer a partial solution to this problem. And in addition to passenger transportation, the device can be used for evacuation and movement of patients, for scientific research and intelligence gathering.

AirSpaceX’s commercial director, JR Jorro, said their goal is to launch 2,500 aircraft in 50 US cities by 2026. It will cost huge investments, but this type of service will soon bring the country’s economy billions.