A series of eclipses in 2018 opens a solar eclipse. It will happen on July 13 at 4:48 Kiev time, and will end at 7:13. The moon will not completely block the sun, therefore, the eclipse will be partial.

Where can see that? The phenomenon can be observed be from North Antarctica, Melbourne, South Australia. Ukrainians, unfortunately, won’t be able to see an unusual event. A solar eclipse is a difficult natural phenomenon that won’t pass untraceable.

Oddly enough, the eclipse will affect the mental and physical health of people. Astrologers even identified a number of things that can and cannot be done during an eclipse. Scientists recommend that you spend this day with the person you love. If you quarreled with relatives, then this day is ideal for reconciliation. Good news for creative personalities. Eclipse will bring tremendous inspiration to the people of art. Many will even be able to see undiscovered talents in themselves. On this day, people will want to do something without a specific purpose. Concerning the negative impact, astrologers advise don’t undertake important matters or set high goals on this day. New goals and decisions are better to be taken in the period from July 13 to the lunar eclipse on July 27. During a solar eclipse, it is better to stay at home and spend time with loved ones than going to events or places with a large crowd of people. Some people can even show aggression and anger. Eclipse reflected on physical health also, in the form of headaches, complications of chronic diseases, nervousness, heart problems.

The consequences for all kinds of the zodiac will be also. Most of all, it will affect the signs such as Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra.

Also on July 27 we will observe a lunar eclipse. About it you can read here in details https://www.news-forpeople.com/en/news/longest-lunar-eclipse/