Earthquake in Mexico

Evening, September 7, the southern coast of Mexico suffered from a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of about 8 points. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake focus was located to the south-east of the city of Pihihyapan. Furthermore, it was about 35 kilometers at a depth. The cause of the earthquake was – Hurricane Irma which is considered the strongest hurricane in the last ten years.

The Civil Protection Agency in Mexico has not yet reported on the catastrophic losses in the country. However, two deaths are confirmed as a result of the disaster. At the moment the information is not yet confirmed and every minute new details about the incident are reported.

Moreover, the earthquake caused a tsunami in the Pacific waters. Tsunami is still raging on the southern shores of Mexico. Seismologists are concerned that a night earthquake in the country can cause the strongest tsunami. I that case, several Latin American countries will be at risk, like Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala.

The earthquake in Mexico caused widespread anxiety and panic. It should be noted that the earthquake last night in Mexico was the greatest natural disaster in the country since 1985. The last time an earthquake took the lives of a thousand people and a loss of billions of dollars for recomstraction of the cities. Today, the government of the country is trying to calculate how an earthquake can affect the economy of the country and take measures to minimize damage.

Hurrican Irma

The hurricane Irma was formed on August 30, 2017 and to this day has devastating consequences for the islands in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Note that this hurricane is the strongest Atlantic cyclone of the 5th category, since the hurricane “Vilma” in 2005, when damage was incurred in the amount of $ 29.1 billion, and the death toll was 62 people. “Irma” is a hurricane, which is characterized by strong gusts of wind up to 415 km/h, which makes it possible to tear roofs off houses and thus has negative consequences for the country’s economy.

Mexico is not the only country that became a victim of Hurricane Irma. This week, the inhabitants of Barbados and Puerto Rico also became victims of the storm and the destructive power of the hurricane. Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba are countries at risk. At the moment, about one million people have become victims of the hurricane.

The US

The United States, still not recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Now is dealing with negative consequences as a result of the hurricane over the past couple of days. Thus, about 14 people became victim to a hurricane in the US. Epicenters have become the Virgin Islands, which belong to the United States. There is an opinion that the number of victims may increase, due to the fact that the hurricane still continues to rage in the region. The US President, Donald Trump, approved a plan at the state level to restore the damage caused by the hurricane.

Until that day, it was believed that Hurricane Harvey was a powerful natural phenomenon. Harvey caused a flood in the southern United States in Texas. However, according to the latest results and losses, the hurricane Irma should be considered a modern cataclysm. Irma affected the lives of thousands of people leaving them without homes and the ability to quickly forget this incident.

Nowadays, the southern coast of Mexico the neighored states are at risk. Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are at risk and there is a high probability of a repeat of earthquakes and tsunamis in the future.