Let’s see on a day whether potato is useful?

There are a huge number of holidays in the world at the moment. Some holidays refer to the culture of a certain country, and some have become a worldwide holiday. On this day, May 30, throughout the world one of the funniest and paradoxical holidays is celebrated. Potato is blame.

Today the population of the whole planet celebrates the day of potato.

It is on the day of this product that we would like to discuss all the pros and cons of eating this vegetable. For years, the tendency has been that potatoes have no useful properties. After all, the vegetable itself consists directly of starch, which leads to a set of weight.

But recent studies of scientists have proven otherwise.

Potato, as it turned out, is very useful for its composition. The first and very important information is that the potato is only 18% starch and the rest is just water, which can’t badly affect the human body. In the same way, starch has the property of turning into glucose, falling into the human stomach, thereby adding energy.

Potato is also a vegetable of joy.

After all, it contains tryptophan, thanks to which endorphin which is the hormone of joy is synthesized. Also there is a sufficient number of proteins in the potato. And it is not inferior to either eggs or meat in its usefulness.

The note to the hostess, if you bake potatoes, it forms pectin in its composition, which mainly leads to the purification of the body. Therefore, this vegetable can also be used for medicinal purposes.
Potato contains a sufficient amount of potassium, which mainly affects the cardiovascular system and kidneys very well. Displays excess fluid.

So, we have considered all the useful properties of this product.

But is it really so perfect? Not. As it turned out, there are several reasons not to eat potatoes, but it applies to a few and mostly depends on the method of preparation.

Dietitians are sure that this vegetable can’t be fried, let alone with meat products, as it loses all its useful properties and adversely affects the human body, on every organ, and also increases weight gain.
Also, this product is not recommended for people with certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and pancreatic diseases. This is due to the fact that the glycemic index of this product is too high, even if you cook mashed potatoes or bake potatoes.

But with potatoes you can cook a variety of dishes that will suit not only for everyday life, but also for a sumptuous table or for any holiday. Enough to bake it foil with other vegetables. It will also be very tasty and attractive to look on a festive table potato with tomatoes, carrots and even pumpkin.
Therefore, it’s your business eat potato or not. But there are a lot of healthy ingredients, rather than vice versa in this vegetable. And this article is an example of it. Of course, you should not abuse it, but occasionally you can always be pampered. Once again we congratulate everyone with a favorite product and prepare the most delicious dishes, pleasing ourselves and our loved ones.