Today you can’t only obtain the necessary information via the World Wide Web, you also can earn money on the Internet. And you can make money not only create websites but also but by an absurd way. e provide you 3 unusual methods of earning online.

1.Rent a friend

You like to go to the theatre, gym, cooking, but unfortunately, you haven’t a friend who would accompany you. You can rent a friend. Site offers such services. However, there are features such services. So, people who want to be leased in several times more than those who want to rent themselves friends.


2. Handmade

If you like to create something with their own hands, you always can sell this on the Internet. In this case, you don’t have any restrictions, you can create anything you want. These can be accessories, home furnishings, toys, etc. The main is that someone will want to buy your goods.


3. Search for “human-computer”

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the website which helps to find people to perform mechanical, monotonous tasks that a computer can’t do because the implementation of these tasks requires human intelligence. The employee can become practically everyone and the firms who need such people can quickly find the required employee. What tasks are executed by a worker? The most different, from the choice of the best photos and checking the phone numbers to the evaluation of the search results. As human-computer, you can earn a little money, roughly about $ 1 per hour.