Hi there! Kissing is awesome! And we definitely need to kiss more often, we all! After all, they help us to lose weight, look good, be healthier and even live longer! You will find out about all this, as well as about other hilarious things, if you read this selection of interesting facts about kissing further!
So, here they are:

1. Just one active (let’s call it that) kiss burns as much as 26 calories per minute! This means that in 20 minutes of kissing with your beloved (beloved) you can “burn” as much as a whole Milka chocolate! Can you imagine ?!
2. Lips are 200 times more sensitive than fingertips!

3. Kissing is an excellent stress reliever with enzymes released during the process.

4. In the process, we exchange as many as 278 bacteria. Honestly, this information during a pandemic is somehow not particularly encouraging …

5. Active kisses help us look good, because they sharpen the oval of the face. Indeed, in the process, we have up to 34 facial muscles working.
6. Men who kiss their wives in the morning before work live 5 years longer than all the rest – unmarried and those who do not. Men, take this wonderful way to prolong life!

7. Kissing cures tooth decay, who would have thought! In the process, saliva is produced, rich in phosphorus and calcium, penetrating into the enamel of the teeth

8. And they also activate blood circulation and metabolism. True, only those that last longer than one and a half minutes.
9. July 6 – World Kissing Day. Be sure to take note by swapping nice bacteria with someone …

10. A long kiss will help get rid of hiccups!

11. In nature, dogs, horses, chimpanzees and Canadian porcupines still kiss. Hmm, I have never seen kisses of dogs, classic. And you?

12. There is a “kiss-phobia” scientifically called philemaphobia;
13. In the process of kissing, a substance is released, which is 200 times stronger than morphine in terms of narcotic influence! That is, it relieves pain and makes a kiss happy for sure!

14. Sounds of smacking in the process appear due to a special muscle “orbicularis oris”;

15. 66% of people close their eyes while kissing and 65% tilt their head to the right. I’ll go and catch my husband and check if I belong to these people too людям.