The scientists consider that Zealand may be a new, seventh continent. The human eye can see only the tip of a vast array: New Zealand and New Caledonia. Most part of the country (94%) is immersed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The total surface area of ​​the possible continent is five million square kilometers. And it is about two-thirds of Australia’s square, which is the continent.

Prolonged study

New Zealand’s scientists have been studying this issue for several decades. And only now they decided to declare publicly about their assumption. The article contained the facts about the study, was published in the American Journal of the Geological Society.

Criteria the researchers were guided:

  • the integrity of the borders;
  • characteristic geology;
  • elevation above the surrounding surface;
  • the thickness of the upper layer (more than the seabed).

If the scientific world takes all the evidence of New Zealand’s researchers, the seventh continent will appear on the planet.