When you wake up in the morning, one of the first thoughts in your head is what to eat for breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal that should be nutritious and healthy and easy. If it’s a healthy breakfast, it should not be fat or contain all sorts of sweets such as candy. Breakfast gives energy for the whole day. Therefore, nutritionists strongly recommend not to skip this meal. The right breakfast has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Having eaten nutritious food in the morning you will protect yourself from diseases of the cardiovascular system, strengthen your immunity and even get rid of excess weight. But to overeat in the morning is also harmful to the body. The amount of food should be one third of the daily rate. So, what should a healthy breakfast consist of?

  Most people prefer to drink coffee or tea in the morning. But having drunk a cup of your favorite drink, you are exposed to an ulcer, gastritis or heartburn. Caffeine, which contains coffee and tea, increases the level of the acidic environment of the stomach. Replacing coffee with any fruit or vegetable juice, you will fill your body with many vitamins from the very morning. If you do not have time to make freshly squeezed juice in the morning, eat a few fruits. It can be bananas or oranges.

  Doctors tell us that cereals are an indispensable component of breakfast. They provide energy for the whole day. Among all kinds of cereals, choose oatmeal. Not everyone knows, but more useful substances contained in oatmeal improves mood and harmonize the emotional background. Cleaning the body of harmful substances and improving brain activity are also the benefits of this food. If you like sweet, add a spoonful of honey. This product won’t only give sweetness but also increase immunity. It can be used even for diabetics and people with elevated cholesterol. And in order for an ordinary breakfast to turn into a real dessert, sprinkle oatmeal with all sorts of berries and nuts. Thus, you can cook not only a healthy, full of vitamins and microelements breakfast, but also very tasty.

  Omelet. If after a short time after breakfast you are hungry again, try to prepare an omelet in the morning. Eggs are a nourishing product that removes hunger for a long time. You can prepare an omelette with vegetables, also providing yourself with vitamins and minerals.