More than 400 whales threw ashore Golden Bay. Such a number of mammals, simultaneously throwing to the land, is a record for the coast of New Zealand. According to the Department of Conservation, more than half of the animals died before the arrival of volunteers. The surviving mammals are in a critical position.

The volunteers with the locals are trying to save the whales. People send animals to the ocean with the tide. But the chances of survival are slim. The salvage operation is restricted with the carcasses of already dead whales, which are situated on the beach and in the water. According to the experts, only a few animals will survive.

People formed a human chain on the shore to prevent these mammals throwing out the land.

Reasons for the mass death of whales

The scientists do not know exactly the reasons for this situation. According to one of the version, the whale, getting into trouble, delivers a distress signal. And its relatives rush to the aid. As a result, more than a dozen mammals fall in the shallow water.

Rescue operation