The TV series “Twin Peaks”, which was so popular in the 90’s, will be released on the screens again. The director of the picture David Lynch with the team filmed the continuation of this dramatic story about the investigation of the murder of Laura Palmer.

The next part

The premiere of the third season of the famous film is scheduled for the end of May this year. In total, 18 episodes of this thrilling series were filmed.

In addition to the actors who were shot in the first two seasons, new faces will appear. The popular actress Monica Bellucci also took part in the filming of the movie.


Getting to work almost 30 years ago, David Lynch was going to make a film about the Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe. But the plans have changed so much that the main story line was the investigation into the death of a schoolgirl in the quiet town of Twin Peaks.


The first two seasons captivated viewers a lot. So, after the show ended, people took to the streets of America. The fact is that the director didn’t answer the question: “Who killed Laura Palmer?”