Do you like to have a rest? Then you should read this article about top-5 the best world resorts. Our planet has many diverse and beautiful places. Mountains, forests, meadows, seas and oceans attract everyone enjoy their nature. Who would not want to plunge into the warm waves of the blue ocean or breathe the freshness of the mountain forests? It all depends on your preference. Depending on the area and your income, I suggest that you consider the best resorts in the world. After all, not always a cheap resort will be unsuccessful. Today, tourism is a highly developed industry. There are more and more different places to relax. More people are go overseas in search of the best resorts, such as Egypt, OAE, Turkey, Greece, etc. So we distinguish the top 5 the best world resorts:

1. Hawaii. On the shore of the Pacific Ocean, you will meet an orange dawn and see off a bright pink sunset. You are wanted for tall palm trees, unusually beautiful orchids, waterfalls and white beaches. The usual vacation that you planned to turn into a paradise.

2. Bali. There are legends about this island. Local people say that for a very long time the gods chose Bali as their home and settled there. And today it has turned into a paradise for people from all over the world. The island is very tiny. But nevertheless it contained savannas, azure lakes, thermal springs and even volcanoes. In Bali, even to this day, more than 10,000 temples and palaces have survived.

3. OAU. The country, which 40 years ago was a huge desert. Today it is already a serious highly developed state, hosting crowds of tourists. Even from a height you can see the extraordinary beauty of Dubai. The OAU has built the most modern metro, huge shopping centers, the highest skyscraper. Here you will definitely not be bored.

4. The Maldives. The dream of romantics. Where else can you enjoy exotic dishes of Indian and Arab cuisine? National color does not compare with other islands. Surprisingly, the islands themselves have emerged from the life of coral reefs. They are one of the attractions of the resort.

5. The Canary Islands. A place for relax, one of the most popular and budget. You will be surprised by the presence of white and black sand on the island. On the largest island of Canary is an active volcano Teide, whose top is even covered with snow. And on the Canaries, a major festival is held on the eve of Lent.