The best restaurateurs, journalists and chefs of the world have identified the top 5 restaurants in the world. An institution that is remembered not only by the cuisine, but also by a pleasant interior and atmosphere. Restaurants, where time just flew, and you want to return there again and again.

So, the first place of honor belongs to Eleven Madison Park. The location of the elite restaurant is the USA, New York. The owner is the legendary restaurateur Danny Mayer. The main feature of the restaurant is the “new American cuisine”, which was introduced by Mayer and a huge wine list. On the second floor there is a wonderful view of Madison Square.

The second in the list of the best restaurants is Osteria Francescana, located in Italy, Modena. Elegant interior and masterpieces of cooking – that’s what attracts this institution. Each dish is given instructions on how to eat it properly and that it can be served from drinks. The best chefs from around the world come there to share their experiences.

The next one is El Celler de Can Roca – Spain, Girona. Reviews about this restaurant are only the best. The restaurant is known for experimental serving of dishes, booking a table for a year and elegant interior. The restaurant is able to surprise with an unusual combination of ingredients, for example – cherry soup with tuna or mackerel with pickled cucumbers and mullet caviar.

Magnificent Mirazur in France takes the 4th place. The building of the 1930s is next to the sea, a mountain and a magnificent garden with citrus and fragrant herbs. Seasonal herbs and vegetables are sent directly to you in a bowl. They say that in the dishes from the chef, the grasses blend with the flowers, and the sea with the earth …

The top five restaurants are closed by the Central restaurant in Peru, Lima. One of the most comfortable restaurants, a table in which you need to book for a couple of months. Peruvian cuisine is a holiday of taste. The menu changes every 6 months. But indispensable are such dishes as stewed pig and goat, scallops, which are found only in the Amazon.