Today, many people spend a lot of time on the Internet. Someone watches movies and videos, others watch the news or listen to music. A large number of people, especially young people spend their free time playing computer games. Not everyone knows that this kind of activity causes dependence. This disease of the XXI century. About 15% of computer users are inveterate players. Basically, they are not interested in anything but the game. Among the representatives of the male, the number of dependents is greater than among the girls. Now computer games addiction is compared with a mental disorder. This disease is also called “game frustration”. In the near future, it is planned to contribute to the International Classification of Diseases. World organizations believe that more attention should be paid to this problem. Distributing more detailed information about game dependency will provide a quick solution to this problem. Love of the games does not mean already dependence. Only 3% of gamers can have such a disease. And only a real expert will find the disorder. But the doctors believe that with the help of games people try to get away from many problems. Unsuccessful career, personal life, lack of vivid emotions, psychological trauma – the main causes of this kind of disease. But avoiding problems, they create new. The problem of dependence is dangerous because people live a virtual life, not enjoying other things. Among other effects of the disease, nervousness is noted, a person becomes more closed. The outlook is quite small. Self-esteem falls. People get used to the pleasure, which you can get, especially without straining. There are conflicts in the family and at work. Because of the sedentary lifestyle, the physical condition getting worse. Therefore, the problem of dependence on computer games exists. And it must be solved.