Everyone’s favorite nature of the Carpathian Mountains offers a place to relax, which is no less to other resorts. The village of Kvasy is a relax in Carpathians. The name comes from the source of mineral water “kvnasna” located in this village. But mineral springs in the countryside are much larger. There are over 100 sources. Kvasy is located in the historic center of Hutsulshchyna on small mountains (560 m above sea level). An interesting fact is that the village is 28 km from the geographical center of Europe. A long time ago, there was built the first hospital, where treatment has been provided by water for the aristocracy of the empire. Medical water can compete with Essentuki and Arzni. The universality of water is that it appears from the ground already carbonated. But the only disadvantage of this water is that after a day its useful properties disappear. Sanatorium “Mountain Tisa” – is one of the best sanatoria in Ukraine, built again in Kwasy. The village is surrounded by several of the highest mountains (Hoverla, Petros). But not only water is curative, but air too. And what kind of view opens there. You can enjoy the incredible beauty of the mountains, forests, lovely houses with a higher part of the village. There is Trufanec Waterfall nearby. It is known for its height of drop of water – 36 meters. Thick gor appears in the morning. Tourists call him “milk”. When the fog falls low, it feels like you are standing on it. But in the noon, the weather becomes mild and warm. The village organizes excursions and trips. Drahobat resort is located near the village. You can take yourself to interesting skiing, snowboarding in winter. And in the summer – horse riding, ATV, fly on a tricycle. Every year there is a festival of humor “Berbeniks figliv”. This is a Hutsul holiday among the picturesque nature in the heart of the Carpathians. So, the Carpathian village of Kvasy is a place not only for rest, but also for improving your health.