Choosing a specialty, a person wants not only to do what he likes but also to receive a decent salary for his activities. The situation on the job market is constantly changing. It is difficult to predict which professions will be most in demand among the employers in a few years.

American indicators

In the United States of America, a study was conducted.

The experts identified the most profitable professions of the past year.

It turned out that the leaders of the rating have become medical and computer specialties.

Top 10 highly-paid professions in the USA in 2016

PlaceProfessionSalary (US $)
1Therapist187 000
2Pharmacy Manager149 000
3Medical Advisor132 000
4Pharmacist125 000
5Architect of the enterprise112 000
6Doctor’s assistant112 000
7Application Developer112 000
8Software Development Manager109 000
9Nurse104 000
10System Administrator102 000