It was learned that in Canada an unknown man stole the picture of the street artist Banksy.
The man in a dark jacket and hat stole one of the works of art of a famous artist at the exhibition in Toronto and disappeared in an unknown direction.

  The robber managed to do this a few hours before the opening of the exhibition. The cost of the picture is about 45 thousand dollars. The sum of all paintings is more than 30 million. At the exhibition 80 works of the artist were presented. The kidnapping was recorded by surveillance cameras, videos of which you can see on the Internet. The police are looking for the criminal.

 Banksy is a famous American artist who paints pictures in the style of street art. The real name of the painter is Robert Banks.
The artist also uses graffiti as a protest, which has become a topic of discussion around the world. Banks’s works concern the anti-war movement, anti-capitalism, anarchism and anti-imperialism. Banks’s graffity was destroyed by local authorities in the UK. Officials did not consider this as a real art. Since 2002, exhibitions have been organized in many countries. Many criticize Banksy, calling him Vandal. But his protesting art still changes people’s opinions about capitalism, war and anarchism. In addition, Banksy is known as a director. In 2011, he received an “Oscar” for the best documentary. He conducted the shooting of the films such as “Exit through the souvenir shop,” “Banksy: The Parade of eccentrics.”