Only the lazy has not heard about the development of rapid rates of global warming. Ecologists have long been shouting about the approach of the disaster. The catastrophe is already on your doorstep. At the beginning of the XXth century, the water temperature increased to 0.74 ° C. Scientists say that the air temperature will rise to 2-4 ° C during the next century. What are the consequences of such changes? First of all, this is the rise of sea level, a decrease in snow and ice, an increase in the number of such phenomena as floods, hurricanes, showers, large waves, heat, and also the oxidation of the ocean species. In the future, there will be a greenhouse effect, such as now on one of the planets Solar System – Venus. The reason for this is the allocation of a large amount of carbon dioxide from the seas and oceans. Climate change in different parts of the world will be different. And as the water levels, fields are flooded (especially in Africa and Asia), so there will be almost no crop, hunger and poverty will increase. A huge number of people will remain without a habitat. Experts say that the highest temperature will be in Africa. Climatologists sound alarm. Scientists said that even a slight increase in temperature by 1.5 ° C will lead to certain climatic changes. For example, the disappearance of many species of animals and plants, hunger, the result of which will be the death of people and the disappearance of natural ecosystems forever. A rise in the sea level will lead to the flooding of islands, even such as the Maldives. This resort will remain only in the memories of people and photos.
        Do you need more proof of this serious problem of mankind? Now they say that even if the temperature does not rise, some parts of the world will suffer. But with all attempts to contain the temperature rise, environmentalists say that for some time it will still exceed the average limit. Also, for stoping heating the planet, it is necessary to take measures to the plants. Climatologists call for cutting emissions by 2020, before it’s too late. Unfortunately, people now do not understand the tragedy of this situation. Nobody pays much attention to ecology. Everyone thinks this is not their problem. Oligarchs and entrepreneurs in order to save money in factories. Today all the attention of people is directed to just survive. Hunger and war are the first problems for politicians. But when the climate changes, it will be too late. It will be too late for work on the bugs.