Thanks to help, the crisis in Greece can be stopped.

More recently, an event occurred that could change the course of history for Greece. An agreement was signed between Greece and the creditors, which includes a program to save the country. This agreement can be interpreted as saving the country. It  has been burdened with unemployment and economic inability for eight years. Also during this time a lot of scientists and academics left the country. The crisis in Greece has become a huge problem for the state.

It is worth noting that the financial stabilization of the overall situation of the country is a confident step to success, but there are some problems.

For example, the country’s debt, which is about 177 percent of GDP, is still slowing the development of the economy. Also, a huge problem for Greece is the presence of a large number of outstanding loans. They account for 50 percent of the total amount of the country’s loans. It is worth noting that the crisis in Greece made it possible to analyze all the mistakes and try to prevent them in the future. But at the same time, these eight years have been wasted and, in fact, the country needs to evolve from scratch.

The reforms that were introduced in Greece did not provide the proper development of the economy.

But they destroyed the possibility of investment in various structures on the contrary . It implies the complete cessation of investments in the health, ship and educational systems. Also one of the main innovations was a decrease in wages. Such a reform in Greece was not yet, and this caused a shock among the population.

It is worth noting that financial assistance will not be able to completely stop the crisis in Greece. To get out of the difficult situation in which the country is now, first of all it is necessary to begin with internal changes. Only thanks to the positive mood of the population and the correct leadership of the reforms can we speak of a qualitative result. It is also absolutely possible to say that only a new leader in the country will be able to resume the situation in the country. After all, the country can exist precisely thanks to new creative ideas. An example of such a rapid development of the economy could be France. Elections of the new president give a powerful sense for the development and investment of all industries.