Secret chat in Telegram how it works

Telegram is considered one of the most secure messengers when it comes to privacy. However, not every user knows how to properly use the privacy features that this messaging application provides. If you want to secure your correspondence, then you need to create a secret chat in Telegram. In this article, we will tell you how it works, how it differs from regular chat, and how secure it really is.

In ordinary Telegram chats, messages can be intercepted, since end-to-end encryption is not used – a data transfer method in which information remains only on the devices of the interlocutors. Secret Chat corrects this misunderstanding and provides additional options for protecting privacy. For example, Secret Chats use end-to-end encryption and messages are not stored on Telegram’s servers. In addition, the application notifies users of possible attempts to hack the secret chat.

Confidential Chat Tool

Secret chat in Telegram is an excellent tool for conducting confidential correspondence when you do not want third parties to know about your communication with the interlocutor. However, for business correspondence, this type of communication may not be suitable, since you cannot have the same secret chat on two devices. It is also important to note that Secret Chat in Telegram is not available on a computer.

If you want to create a secret chat in Telegram, then follow the simple instructions:

  1. Open Telegram and find the desired interlocutor in the contact list.
  2. Click on his name to open the chat.
  3. Click on the “Secret Chat” icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Set up an auto-delete timer for messages (if required).
  5. Start a secret chat.

Now you know how to create a secret chat in Telegram and secure your correspondence.

Telegram Desktop has a significant drawback that annoys many users: secret chats on the computer are not available. But let’s be honest: we usually have private conversations on our smartphones. And on this device, you can easily create a secret chat in Telegram.

By the way, Telegram secret chats are displayed next to regular chats. Their visual feature is the lock icon to the left of your interlocutor’s avatar. Thus, the secret chat does not replace the regular chat, but complements it. Moreover, there can be several secret chats with the same person.

Autodelete Function

A few words about auto-deleting messages in Telegram. This feature is usually available in the privacy settings. However, the minimum period is one day. In a secret chat, you can enable auto-delete of a message within a second after reading it.

However, the secret chat is not hidden. It appears in the same list as all other chats. Therefore, if someone else has access to your smartphone, it makes sense to create a hidden chat in Telegram.

Perhaps it may seem strange, but there is no special option for hidden chats in Telegram. However, there is a fairly simple life hack that will help hide your conversations, albeit with some caveats. All you have to do is archive the chat. To do this, swipe the chat window all the way to the left.

But how to find the hidden chat now? Swipe down on the Telegram home screen and release your finger. After that, the “Archive” tab will appear at the top.

Another important question is how to unzip a chat in Telegram. Here, too, everything is quite simple. You need to open the archive and swipe the chat window to the left.

Messenger privacy settings

Can such a conversation be called a hidden chat in Telegram? Only partially, because a third party who knows about the function of the archive can easily find it. Therefore, do not forget to set a password for Telegram through the “Privacy” settings of the messenger. Thus, no one will read your messages for sure.

Any of the participants in the conversation can delete the secret chat in Telegram. This is done in the same way as in regular chats. You can hold your finger on the chat window, press the trash can icon, and then “Delete Chat”.

In addition, the chat can be easily cleared in the chat window. However, since you cannot take screenshots in secret chats, I will not provide an illustration of this method. However, you already know how to clear a chat in Telegram.