Such an unpleasant symptom as a sore throat is familiar to every person. You feel discomfort, it’s hard to swallow food and even talk.

What to do?

To date, the pharmacy counters are inundated with the cures that should almost immediately remove painful sensations. On television, there are endlessly revolving videos about miracle cures and their high efficiency.

But not all people trust medicines. Some people prefer to be treated by folk methods, which they learned from their grandmothers. One such way is to drink warm milk with honey and butter. How to prepare such a curative beverage?


milk – 250 ml;

butter – 1 tsp;

honey – 1 tsp.


Mix all the ingredients and put in a microwave for 1.5 minutes. You can make a beverage on fire. Do not bring milk to a boil, but just heat up to 40 degrees.

Drink it slowly, in small sips. After such beverage, the pain will definitely pass.