In Ukraine, the shooting of the film “Zakhar Berkut” based on the historical story of the writer Ivan Frank will be held. Moreover, their colleagues from Hollywood will join the Ukrainian directors. The director of the film will be Akhtem Seitablayev. Seitablayev is a Crimean and Ukrainian actor and director, leading the program “Brave Hearts”, the creator of the “Cyborgs”. He comes from Uzbekistan. Among the rest of the film’s creators will be producers Yegor Olesov and Yuri Prilipko, screenwriter Yaroslav Wojcieszek, production director Yuri Korol, production designer Vlad Odudenko. Among the Hollywood masters will be John Wynne, Jeff Rice, Yuri Karnovsky and Raju Collins. Seitablayev said that the film will include some new story lines and characters, but the main idea will not change. Rice was very surprised that he had not heard of such a delightful story, the plot of which is ideal for the film. He believes that the project has a huge international potential. Filming will begin in mid-June in Western Ukraine. A team of specialists studied the picturesque places of the Carpathians in advance and chose the most attractive ones. In addition, the group got acquainted with the life of local people by their traditions and customs. They also visited the village where the famous writer Ivan Franko was born and grew up. Most likely the shooting of the film will take place in the fortress of Tustan, which was built in the Middle Ages. Today Tustan is already the remains of a fortress on the rocks. The film will be released in Ukrainian. This is a great chance to tell the whole world about Ukraine and its unique history. To show the incredible beauty of the Carpathians, ancient traditions and customs. “Zakhar Berkut” is a story about the struggle of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine against the invasion of the Mongol and social oppression. Speaking in more detail, the film begins with the Mongol bulk, killing everything, reaching the Carpathians, they stoped and two Berkut’s brothers went to battle and released the prisoners. The Mongols convince two local people and they told the khan about the secret passage. But Zakhar Berkut had a plan that will stop the pile of enemies. The story was written in 1882. The screening is planned for 2019. The motto of the film is “In freedom, my essence”. The film promises to be exciting.