The robbery of cars has a new look. Recently, it became known about the spread of robbery in the capital. Unidentified people beat the windows of the car in brazenly, trim the wheels and threaten the owners. But their threats don’t stop there. Scammers scare to burn the car if the owner doesn’t pay a sum of money. Now it became known about new ways of robbery. The robbers trim the wheel of the car, after which the driver stops and the crime is committed. Now wheels do not “cut”, but “slightly cut”. The robbers offer their help and when only the driver  get out of the car, the car will already be in someone else’s hands. One of Kiev’s inhabitants told about one of these cases. Late at night his wheel was cut by a screw. After stopping a few hundred meters, the driver leае the car to check if everything was fine. At this time, the unknowns approached the car and tried to pull out the wallet that was in the back seat. The brother of the car driver chased the robber in the field and frightened him. A similar scheme turned up not only in the capital. Such cases are already known in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.