After the convergence of avalanche in the mountains of Italy, the employees of rescue services were not stopping the search for survivors for a minute. And finally, the first good news came.

The rescuers managed to extract from under the snow six people. According to the head of the rescue service, the situation in the mountains is still quite difficult. But the chance of finding alive people still is. Being in the air pockets under the snow, a person can live a few days. Helicopters arrived for the help of people.

According to the local authorities, 30 dead bodies were found. On the Internet, there was a video shot by employees of rescue service during their penetration into the hotel Rigopiano di Farindola on the province of Abruzzo.

The avalanche came down after a series of earthquakes that hit Italy in recent days.

Hotel Rigopiano di Farindola under the snow

Hotel Rigopiano, il video dell'interno

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