Before the start of the new year, we usually sum up. Forbs magazine compiled a list of the richest people in the world for 2016. This is the thirtieth of such rating, presented by this popular edition.

Top 5 of the most wealthy people of the world in 2016

Bill Gates is in the first place. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs, owner of the Microsoft shares, social activist, and philanthropist.

Omansio Ortega occupies the second place. He is a founder and owner of the world-famous brand Zara.

Third place goes to Warren Buffett, an American businessman and investor. Buffett was a sponsor of the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Fourth place – Carlos Slim Helu, one of the largest shareholder of The New York Times.

Jeff Bezos, the head of the online store Amazon and Blue Origin aerospace company closes the Top 5 of the richest people in the world. Moreover, Bezos owns publishing house The Washington Post.