Queen Elizabeth always visit different events holding a handbag. As the courtiers say, there are several things in the ridicule of the monarch: mirror, lipstick, pen, mint candies. If the queen goes to the Sunday service to the church, several monetary bills for the offerings are added to this list. It turns out that Queen Elizabeth’s handbag is intended not only for storing the necessary trifles. With the help of this accessory, the ruler of Britain submits conventional signs to the court ladies and servants. The position of the purse carries a secret meaning, understandable only to the chosen.

Conventional signs

If the Queen puts her purse on the table during the meal, then she plans to finish the dinner in the next few minutes.

If the handbag is on the floor, then Elizabeth II wants to finish an unpleasant conversation.

Putting a ridicule from hand-to-hand means that the Queen ends the conversation.

Her Majesty performs all manipulations very masterfully and unnoticed by outsiders.