So that the feast in the circle of friends would leave only pleasant memories, it is necessary to exclude products incompatible with alcohol from the diet. What kind of food is it better to eat if you drink alcohol?


Do not bite alcohol with chocolate, cakes or other confectionery. So, you will damage the pancreas. In addition, you may feel spasms and discomfort in the stomach.

Carbonated drinks

Carbon dioxide, contained in such beverages, accelerates the process of intoxication. In addition, the combination of these products causes irritation of the gastric mucosa.


If you eat any fruits with alcohol, the process of fermentation in the stomach is intensified. Consequently, there may be a swelling and cramping.

Pickled vegetables

Vinegar, contained in such products, negatively affects the kidneys and liver. These organs are exposed to stress during the use of alcohol.

Energetic drinks

The use of energetic beverages with alcohol increases the risk of arrhythmia, seizures and spasms of blood vessels.