“Paradise” of Andrei Konchalovsky will not be nominated for Oscar. This was announced on January 24 after the proclamation of Academy Award complete list of candidates for the prize. Previously, the film of the famous Russian director was included in the shortlist of presumed nominants.

Director’s reaction

Andrei Konchalovsky said he was not upset because of such statement. The filmmaker added that Hollywood was not the center of the earth. A value of the Oscar statuette is too overrated in today’s world.

Film’s premiere took place at the Venice Film Festival in September last year. A.Konchalovsky received the Silver Lion for directing this film. In addition, the movie was awarded the Prize of the Russian Film Critics “White Elephant”.

Julia Vysotsky and Viktor Sukhorukov starred in this film.

The Russian viewers were able to evaluate the work of a director on 19 January. That same day, the premiere in Russian cinemas was performed.