To lead a healthy lifestyle is very popular now. To do sports, eat properly, take care of your body. It has become popular to eat healthy and natural food. No harmful components in the composition of the product. Recently, natural cosmetics are gaining momentum. Such a product attracts the absence of harmful elements that have a negative effect not only on the skin and hair, but also on the whole body. Among them are preservatives, flavors, emulsifiers, silicone and paraffin. Natural cosmetics contain much more benefits than ordinary cosmetics, the components of which have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. But is everything so beautiful in fact, as experts say? To buy a really healthy cosmetics you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and product composition. Very often, manufacturers point out that the cosmetics are natural in the label, while in its composition, the number of such components is less than 5%. So do not buy a product with the inscription “natural cosmetics” at once. Carefully study the composition, but rather make a product at home which will be perfect for you. If you decided to make such cosmetics at home, be careful with its composition, because some ingredients can cause allergies, while others spoil. And therefore its shelf life is quite small.