Today, the people of Ukraine during the night can watch both the Moon eclipse and the passage of the comet. If the there are favorable conditions, then you will see clearly darkening of the upper edge of the lunar disk.

The eclipse will begin on February 11 at 00:34 Kyiv time. Maximum darkening can be observed at 02:44. All the action will be completed nearly three o’clock in the morning.

The next Moon eclipse will occur on August 7th of this year. But, unlike the February, it will not be half-shadow but local. The Moon will be only slightly immersed in Earth’s shadow.

Comet is approaching the Earth

At the same time as the lunar eclipse, the comet 45P will approach the Earth. This celestial body will be closer to our planet for 12 million kilometers. Comet has a distinctive green tail, which is formed by the evaporation of carbon dioxide. In a vacuum, the substance turns green.