Some people use very often this method of influence as manipulation. How to recognize that your significant other simply uses you to achieve his goals.

Signs of manipulation

Justification. You are constantly looking for an explanation for your actions. You think that you do not justify the expectations of your partner.

Anxiety. Any request for a loved one worries you. Subconsciously, you are expecting that you will be ultimately asked about what you do not want to do.

Guilt. You think you’re to blame. You can not relax. After all, in your spare time, you could execute the instructions of your partner.

Fear of saying “no.” You are afraid of refusing your beloved person even in obviously unacceptable to your requests.

Permanent dissatisfaction. Requests of your partner grow up all the time. You always have to do more to earn the praise.

If you feel that you are manipulated, try to understand the situation. Maybe you are right. Or maybe you need to pay more attention to your partner.