The best university of Ukraine.

Getting a good education is a priority for every graduate of Ukrainian schools. A lot of applicants every year are asked the same question, in which institution is better to do. And some do not even know which country will be able to get the knowledge that will be useful to them in the future. Choosing a specialty is also a very difficult question for the future students, because sometimes the desired knowledge does not coincide with the information that is taught in universities. And how to choose the best university in Ukraine remains a mystery, both for entrants and for their parents.

Ukrainian University is appreciated in Europe.

As you know education in Ukraine has always been a dubious achievement for the countries of the European Union. Ukrainian universities are not valued in other countries. For this reason, there are many programs that help the graduate of the university to confirm the availability of quality knowledge in their specialty abroad. In fact, such a procedure is a repetition of the material that was provided to the student during training in Ukraine.

Over the years, Ukrainian teachers and professors have tried to modernize the education system. The Ministry of Education of Ukraine introduced the European assessment system. With the students removed most of the load during classes and introduced a system of training at home. People teaching students began to receive additional qualifications abroad and create new models of education in universities. And this desire to improve the quality of Ukrainian education has yielded results.

It makes up the lists of the best universities in the world each year in Britain.

This company is called Quacquarelli Symonds. And there was a significant event, which pleased not only university workers, but also students this year. Six universities of Ukraine received the status of one of the best universities in the world. Particular attention was paid to the national university. Vasily Karazin. According to the lists, the best university in Ukraine is in Kharkov and ranks first among all universities of the country. After the Kharkiv university, the list of universities in Kiev, namely, the University. Taras Shevchenko and the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Igor Sikorsky.

One of the best universities in Ukraine was another Kharkiv university. Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute took the position between 701 and 750 place in the full list of universities in the world. Six of the best educational institutions of Ukraine were closed down by the Donetsk National University, as well as by the Sumy State University. Two universities took places in the gap between the 801-m and 1000-m place in the world ranking.

In connection with such changes in the status of Ukrainian universities, we can hope that very soon education in Ukraine can claim to be one of the best in the world. And finally, Ukrainian graduates do not have to confirm the level of knowledge in the countries of the European Union. Also, the best university in Kharkov, became one of the most popular for entrants in Ukraine in 2017.