Kim Kardashian doesn’t deny of her plans to go into politics and even for the office of President. Such a statement has recently been made by a well-known American model and actress. A participant of the famous reality show met with the US president Donald Trump. The topic of their discussion was the prison reform in the United States and the terms of the prisoners. It also discussed the punishment for offenders, caught for distribution and storage of drugs. Kardashian conquered Trump with his temperament, which he called “very smart”.

  The model came to a meeting in a stylish and at the same time restrained black suit “oversize”. The star also negotiated with Trump about the release of one of the prisoners, Alice Mary Johnson, whose case has been engaged for the past six months. Kardashian learned her life story from Twitter. African-American was sued for drug possession and trafficking. The woman started a crime because of a lack of money in the family. Earning with unfair labor, Alice tried to feed the five children left without a father. She has been in jail for 22 years and was approximate prisoner. The actress achieved for a prisoner of amnesty. After that Kim met with Alice. The woman was insanely grateful to her savior. Generally Trump noted, that negotiations were successful. Kim and Alice interviewed one of the most famous TV channels.