It is summer now and everyone wants to go far away to rest and gain strength. Many go to the sea, in order not only to gain health and relax and have a good time. What if there is not enough money at sea? People go to the local beaches of the city and spend time on the banks of the river or other water bodies. Many go to the central beaches and swim in the longest river of our country – the Dnieper. But is water in Dnieper safe? It is known that various wastes are thrown into the river. But the pipes that carry out the discharge are at a great distance from the central beaches. The enterprises use cleaning filters. Therefore, especially dangerous substances do not enter the water where your child and you bathe. Others choose such places for rest, as quarries, reservoirs. These ponds do not contain harmful elements. Water does not stagnate in quarries, so it always remains clean. The only danger is the pit, which can suddenly appear on the bottom. As a result, the shallow bottom can dramatically turn into an unidentified depth. Experts say that bathing in the Dnieper does not bring any particular harm. But it’s worth remembering that after the rain you can not spend time in any water. All the dirt that has accumulated on the streets of the city gets into the water. Therefore, it can be dangerous to your health.