Each of us coming after a hard day’s work loves to eat a few slices of our favorite chocolate. Is chocolate as harmful as we think? We’ll find out that.

  In ancient times there was only  so-called a chocolate drink. It was made from cocoa beans and then chili pepper was added to this mixture. The taste of chocolate was very bitter and it was considered as a drink of the gods. For centuries, chocolate was consumed in liquid form. There are many kinds of chocolate today: black, milk, white, with a variety of fillings. There are different tastes, such as bitter and sweet as honey. Enjoying such sweets, we also don’t suspect about their harm. They say, that chocolate brings benefits too. Is it true?

   Today, almost all the confectionery are full of chemicals that gradually destroy our body. These are preservatives, vegetable fats (especially palm fat, which are harmful to the human body), emulsifiers and much more. There are also some benefits in the composition of product. This is cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Cocoa butter has a therapeutic effect on the entire body. The substances in it stimulate the immune system and have a strong antiviral effect. Therefore, it is recommended to eat during a cold. Cocoa powder has a positive effect on the health of your skin and acts as an antioxidant. And in cocoa butter is full of useful vitamins and microelements. Among all kinds of chocolate, the most useful is bitter. There’s the least amount of additives, resulting in less harm. It consists only of cocoa butter, cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Milk chocolate is less healthy. It contains less cocoa ingredients but a new ingredient – cream or milk. Most often, manufacturers replace this ingredient at best with dry milk. And finally white chocolate. It does not contain any cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Accordingly, there is absolutely no benefit in this kind of product. It contains only various unused additives.

  If you want to check the quality of chocolate break it. Having broken, it will crunch. Low-quality chocolate will crumble and stick to the teeth.