The influence of alcohol on the human body can be not only negative, but also positive. Among the negative effects are isolated violations of the cardiovascular system. Firstly, drinking alcohol, the heart increases in size. Then there are scars that lead to heart attack, pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis. Secondly, problems with the psyche. Depression, aggression, carelessness, memory loss. Thirdly, the deterioration of vision and hearing, disturbing coordination of movement. Alcohol changes the DNA structure. In the future, the in descendants appear mental retardation. Also, alcohol causes rapid aging and a 15% reduction in life expectancy. Few people know, but a certain amount of alcohol has almost no consequences. The use of 100 grams of alcohol per week reduces the appearance of heart attack almost twice. More recently, American scientists have studied the effects of alcohol and safe doses for the human body. The experiment was attended by more than 4 thousand people, aged 18 to 45 years. Women often show increased sugar in the blood, and in men – increased blood pressure and cholesterol. So, a safe dose of alcohol per day for men – 680 g of beer, 80 g of cognac or whiskey, 220 g of wine. For women – two times less. However, one tablespoon of a strong drink such as brandy or vodka can remove spasm of blood vessels. Wine in moderate amounts not only does not harm, but even has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This type of alcohol inhibits the development of cancer and improves digestion.