In the British capital, new headquarters of Cyber Security Center was solemnly opened. The office is located in the heart of London, near the “Victoria” station.

The ceremony was attended by British Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The Minister of Finance Philip Hammond has made a congratulatory speech.

According to the specialists of the Center, the main purpose of the organization is the protection of the state against hacker attacks. As experts notice, major cyber attacks on Britain take place twice a day.

The Center began its work recently, in October last year. But during this time, it has already been recorded almost 200 attacks of the second and third degree. The employees say that they are ready for everything, even the most difficult situation.

Current affairs

To date, the Center experts are investigating the theft of money in a large scale from Tesco Bank. It was stolen 2.5 million pounds from the accounts of the financial institution.

The organization protects the interests of government agencies and also the entire economy of the country.