“Ukravtoprom” association summed up the results of the last year. The experts have found out how many foreign cars had been imported during the period from January to November 2016. And they also studied how much money had been spent.

According to the researchers, more than 77 thousand cars were imported. Financial costs amounted to approximately $ 1.5 million.

Concerning to freight and special vehicles, then for eleven months more than 30 million units arrived on the territory of Ukraine. The value of import reached 380 billion dollars. Another 25 and a half million were spent on the importation of buses (a little more than a thousand units).

If we compare these figures with the same period of 2015, the financial costs increased by 720 million Dollars. And the number of vehicles grew by 26.3 thousand units.

Percentage indicator

If we talk about the percentage of the volume of imports, it has grown considerably.

Cars: 36%

Trucks: 23%

Buses: 7%