According to the scientists, the most depressive month of the year is February. It has a logical explanation.

The reasons for sadness

Firstly, the reason is the New Year’s holidays. All the celebrations are over. It is not so easy to return to work after the prolonged feasts.

Secondly, in winter, the body has used up almost all the reserves of vitamins, which are difficult to fill up during cold weather. We are talking about vitamin D, which we get from the sun. Besides, the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in the beneficial minerals, is also small.

In addition, the weather is also not varied. Outside, there are only the grayness and cold. The necessity to wrap up constantly does not add fun.

The experts advise not to take serious decisions in February. It is better to move it to a more favorable time.

Spring will come soon. Do not be sad!