Today, the inhabitants of Canada and the USA traditionally celebrate Groundhog Day. It is difficult to find someone who is not aware of this holiday. In many ways, this situation is due to the same name’s film where a famous American actor Bill Murray starred.

Traditional events

On this day, all eyes are on a special marmot, which predicts the weather for the near future. The animal comes out of the hole (or rather, it is got out of there) and looks around. And if the groundhog sees its shadow, then winter will end soon. And if there is no shade people can expect the early arrival of spring. For these actions, millions of people watch on the TV screens, or directly next to a makeshift hole.

In fact, weather forecast of the groundhog is not reliable. The predictions were correct only 39% of cases over the past 125 years. But the tradition is so ingrained that the Americans do not pay attention to the inaccuracy of predictions.

Groundhog Day in Ukraine

Celebrating gradually spread to other countries. Groundhog Day is widely celebrated in Ukraine. Each year at the same time, marmot Timka, living in the bio station of Kharkov National University, makes its forecast.