Does the person’s IQ drop every year? The Norwegian researchers conducted an experiment. Young people of the age of 18-19 years were given a test. The total number of people who passed the test is 730 000 people. Tests have been conducted since 1979. Scientists have been determined that during this period of time the level of IQ has fallen. With each generation it decreased by 7 points. Now the phenomenon of the Flynn is accelerating. Flynn in 2000 spoke about the fall of IQ among British teenagers. And the study of the Norwegians is one of the proofs of the inversion of this effect. Also, the Norwegians saw that the decline in IQ was not due to demographic factors, but because of the genetic accumulation of genes. The same studies were conducted in many countries. It is supposed that this is the result of another lifestyle that leads a person. And also, new forms of education, the methods of raising children, improving nutrition, changing the environment. There were versions that say that these results are not accurate enough. But the real reasons for the decline in IQ are still unknown.