Dissertations and scientific works acquire a new meaning. The writing of dissertations is connected with obtaining a scientific degree and receiving a higher salary. The dissertation is a step into science. Those who write and defend scientific work will certainly plan to develop a certain field of science, to link their lives with it. Doctors of sciences and candidates of sciences are perceived by society in a different way. However, many choose another way. Having received a certain title, most go absolutely different way. For example, since 1993, more than 200,000 dissertations have been defended in Ukraine. But only a few of them really devoted their lives to the development of science. The rest either chose a career and money, or wrote scientific works for the purpose of material gain. Very few people know, but the Doctor’s degree allows you to receive an allowance to the salary of 20%, and the candidate’s degree – 15%. About 107 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada have a Ph.D. Even such famous personalities as Mikhail Dobkin and Viktor Yanukovich. The last even received the title of Doctor of Sciences. As you can see the scientific degree can get anyone. The number of fake works increases every year. Now on the Internet a huge number of people offer to write a scientific paper for a tidy sum. But it does not differ good quality. Firms for writing such works also a large number. In the usual office the task comes, and the whole team starts to work. The state began to fight against and fake scientists and works. D. Tabachnik introduced a mandatory item – the writing of 5 scientific articles in the magazine, an internship abroad and knowledge of the English language. Recently, the Ministry of Education has proposed the protection of only those candidates who have publications in the magazine Scopus. This is a huge database, where scientific articles and publications are stored and tracked. But the problem is to publish an article you need to pay a considerable amount of money.