Britain has announced its leaving from the EU. The country has planned to leave the organization for several years. Since 2016, the work on this project has not stopped. But today it became known that the bill has already been approved and became a law, but the parliament will still solve economic issues with the EU countries in the future. A lot of people don’t want to break advantageous contracts with EU countries. The Draft Brexit Law was introduced in July 2017. Elizabeth II approved such a decision. Britain will leave the EU on March 29, 2019. Teresa May announced that this is a historic moment for the country. Because this is one of the stages for the inhabitants to be free. During the referendum, 52% of the voices voted for the exit from the EU. Foreign Trade Minister Liam Fox says that the UK has almost no chance of staying in the EU. The country was in the European Union for 43 years. As you know earlier in 2017 influential and well-known people of Great Britain were against the country’s exit from the EU and wanted to organize a repeat referendum for the population. While Boris Johnson, Labor and Conservatives denied such an opportunity. But according to expert forecasts, both UK and European countries will have some consequences on the way out of the EU. These details are not yet discussed among the population.