Most of the owners of smartphones use them for calls, correspondence in social networks, selfies and surfing the Internet. But in reality, iOS and Android phones have many useful features that most people just don’t know about. This article will reveal only a small part of all the capabilities of a modern gadget.

Dial a message by voice

Most people know what a voicemail is and how to create one. Someone liked this correspondence, but there are also obvious opponents. So for them there is a great alternative – this is a voice typing message. That is, the person speaks, and the phone “writes”. This function works both when sending regular SMS messages, and for correspondence in social networks, messengers, by mail. It is necessary to find the microphone icon on the keyboard, hold it down and dictate the message. The feature is available on both Android and iOS.

See time to full charge

This feature is available only for Android phones. The phone screen shows what percentage of the gadget’s charge, but in the gadget you can also see how much time is left until the smartphone is fully charged. This function is especially useful for those who are constantly in a hurry and have a lack of time. But for the iPhone, this function is not available.

Auto unlock phone

By the way, this function is available only to those who have Android phones. With auto unlock, you can save your time. There is no need for pin codes, or fingerprints on the screen, but this feature should be used only in places where, in your opinion, it is safe (at home, with your parents / friends). By the way, the function is called “safe place”. When you turn it on and install such places, the phone itself, getting into this zone, will turn off the lock. In the gadget, you must find Smart Lock (“Security and location”) to activate this function.

Reduce blue light emission

As you know, almost all gadgets emit blue color – tablets, laptops, smartphones, but scientists have long been sounding the alarm in this regard. They have shown that blue disrupts sleep patterns, lowers the production of sleep hormones, and increases the risk of obesity and other dangerous diseases. This is why it is important to minimize it. For Android phones, the Twilight or Blue Light app must be installed. And for owners of Apple products, this opportunity has already been developed by the manufacturer, you must enable the Night Shift mode (Go to Settings, then to Display and Brightness).

Take a screenshot with the palm of your hand

This feature is not available to all smartphones, but Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series have it. You should drag the edge of your palm across the screen to the left / right, but so that your palm touches the screen. Then you just need to go to the gallery or “My files” and make sure that the picture has been taken. By the way, screenshots are saved in the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

Shake your smartphone to undo the action
So, with a simple shake of the phone, you can undo any action. However, the function is available only for phones on the iOS system. For example, you can correct, in this way, a mistake in the message or restore accidentally deleted text.

Saving traffic in Chrome

The Chrome browser is installed on almost any Android smartphone. It has a function to save traffic and speed up website loading. To do this, press the menu button on the website and select the “Traffic saving” item in the settings. On average, savings are up to 20%.

Practical use of sensors

Most users know that smartphones are packed with a variety of sensors that can be used:

Accelerometer – can be used as a seismograph

Built-in microphone can detect noise level in decibels

The built-in digital compass responds well to magnetic fields, which means the phone can be used to locate wiring in walls.

The light sensor can calculate the luminous flux in lux.