Places to visit in Warsaw

Recently, Warsaw is the city that has become one of the most places to visit. The capital of Poland is a modern, fast-growing city with many historical and cultural symbols of our time. It is important to keep in mind that the city has a very rich history, which is clearly expressed in the architectural styles of the city and which is dedicated to many interesting museums. All those factors create plenty of places to visit in Warsaw.

The opening of the visa-free regime allowed Ukrainian citizens to travel more. Now there are no obstacles to spend the weekend in the nearest country, stroll along the streets and see the sights. In short, enjoy a completely different culture and atmosphere.
Above all, the best time to travel is autumn. The time when summer hot days are behind, and the autumn, cloudy days are still far away. All that remains is to choose a country that is worth a visit and enjoy interesting walks and adventures.

Old Town (Starówka)

Among the places worth visiting – the Old Town is the main element of Warsaw – the heart of the city. Now looking at the historic center, it’s hard to believe that about 70 years ago they were ruined. After the Nazi occupation during the World War II, and then the liberation struggle of Soviet soldiers, Warsaw was virtually destroyed. The post-war time turned out to be very difficult for the inhabitants of this city – when it was necessary to restore from scratch.
Today the Old Town is a symbol of a new Warsaw, a modern metropolis with office buildings, as well as with objects of cultural heritage.

Museum of the Warsaw Uprising (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego)

In order to better feel the city’s atmosphere, you need to visit this museum. The exposition is located on 4 floors and includes the description of the 1944 rebellion. About 750 exhibits and 1,000 photos explain and show the causes, the course and the end of the rebellion. Since the rebellion, which began on August 1, an interesting tradition begins. At 17.00 around August 1 sirens of alarm will be heard, people and people will stop moving. Thus Warsaw citizens honor the memory of the dead insurgents.

Warsaw Zoo (Ogród Zoologiczny)

Another place to visit in Warsaw is the zoo; not only due to the the rich collection of animals, but also from the historical perspective. During the Second World War, the owners of the zoo helped save the lives of thousands of Jews. Secretly removing Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, and providing shelter in the basement of their villa, Jan and Antonin Zhabinsky helped innocent people. Excursions are held this villa today.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews Polin (Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich)

One of the largest museums in Poland, dedicated to the history and development of the Jewish community in this country. Opened in 2013, the museum excibit its collection of authentic exhibits that are exhibited at the museum. After visiting the museum, the millennial role of the Jews in the development of the history of Poland becomes clear.

Park Lazhenki (Łazienki Królewskie)

The largest park in Warsaw and, of course, the pride of the Poles. A garden park complex will give you a sense of peace with nature. Walking along shady paths, squirrels jump from tree to tree, clean air and melodious birds singing. Like an oasis in the center of a huge metropolis.

Center for Science “Copernicus” (Centrum Nauki Kopernik)

An interesting place to visit in Warsaw where you can go all the family and spend time exciting. The center is equipped with various interactive exhibits that clearly illustrate and explain the principles of physics, chemistry and biology. Knowledgeably, children will be interested in natural sciences.

The observation deck on the roof of the library of the University of Warsaw

The Warsaw Library will be exhibited if there is time. You will not be disappointed with the amount and variety of books. If you are a hunter for beautiful views, then climb the roof to the library. A magical garden with a view of the capital opens to you. What can be better than walking in the garden and thereby admire Warsaw from the bird’s-eye view.

Museum – Palace in Vilanova (Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III Sobieskiego w Wilanowie)

The Baroque palace will tell you the life and the life of the monarch and general Jan Sobieski. The palace is surrounded by a large park and lake. After spending time here you dip into the world of that time and feel yourself a guest at the invitation of the king himself.

Hurry up to buy tickets and go for a meeting of new podrezhey and memoirs. Have a nice trip!